May 18 2021

The Right Picture

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The Right Picture

Your customer has expressed an interest in ordering a photo for their loved one’s memorial. How can you go the extra mile and help them thoughtfully choose the right picture?

We believe that a picture can be a powerful way to tell a person’s story.

A good portrait can reflect a person’s personality and style. With one glance, a portrait can help someone know the person a little bit. But what if the family wants to show more than what a portrait can portray? What if they want to tell their loved one’s story?

When we want to elaborate and really reflect who we are, a photo of us living a moment in our life will tell a much more detailed version of our story. If you see a portrait of me on my memorial, you may notice that I had kind eyes and liked bright colors. Now, if I showed you a picture of me on my boat with a fishing rod in my hand, a tattered book on the bench beside me, looking relaxed and serene, you would know much more of my life’s story.

When you’re helping a family decide which picture to use for a loved one’s memorial, recommend choosing a photo that tells a story of what made them special or what was special to them. Ask questions and give examples. Consider their passions, their uniqueness and the legacy they created.

A few extra moments will go a long way towards bringing lasting customer satisfaction.  

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