Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to order online?

Click ORDER HERE then click REGISTER. For quicker service, call us 1-866-810-9500 and we will register you immediately. 

What is PSM’s turnaround time?

15 business days, upon approval of your order, or you don’t pay. 

Can we send a scanned file of the original photo?

Today’s office scanners do a great job. Scan your photo at full size to 300 – 600 dpi. For more scanning tips, go to the section RESOURCES. 

How well does the 3M VHB tape work? Does it really hold outdoors?

3M™ VHB™ Tape is a high-strength, double-sided acrylic adhesive tape. The pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) creates an instant bond without any drying time required.
The polymer of 3M™ VHB™ Tape is composed of carbon-carbon chemical bonds that are highly resistant to energy. Exposure to heat, UV rays or chemicals can cause mechanical properties with less durable foams to break down. With 3M™ VHB™ Tape, the materials actually get stronger over time, providing a stronger, long-lasting bond.

Can we isolate a person from a group? Can we remove unwanted objects and people? Can we remove the background? What do these things cost?

Almost anything can be done to a picture once it has been scanned properly. PSM graphic artists will do any and all work required or requested at no extra charge.

Where do I find your prices?

Contact us at PSM. We will be happy to send you our pricing, as well as any other information you require. 

Is there any extra charge for two or more people on the same picture?

No. PSM does not charge for any alterations done on photos.

Can we pay by credit card?

The simplest way to pay is by entering your credit card when ordering through our online ordering site. However, we do not require pre-payments. If you wish, contact us to set up an account in just a few moments.

Does the price of your products include shipping and handling?

Yes. All our orders are shipped via FedEx at no extra charge.

Can I track my order?

Yes. If you placed your order via our online ordering website, you have your own dashboard where you can check to see if your order went through, if it has been shipped, and other status information in real time.

How do I figure out how much my Ceracut order will cost?

Multiply the length by the width of your project to get the square inch measure. Based on this, you can find the price per square inch this measurement falls within. Then multiply this price by the amount of square inches and add the base price to know your total price.

I have a photo of a woman in a fuchsia sweater. Can you reproduce this bright color?

Yes! PSM has the technology to reproduce vivid colors using magenta and red together so you don’t have to compromise on color. 

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