August 23 2019

Red and Magenta. Together at last!

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Red and Magenta

Our most recent innovation of color reproduction is making waves. It was officially launched at the 2019 MBNA Show! We can now print using Red AND Magenta. What does this mean for you? Let’s back up to get the full picture.

The memorial portrait industry uses ceramic inks to reproduce your photos. We have been limited to reproducing a certain zone of the color spectrum because we use four colors to reproduce. We began by using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, like in traditional printing with ink on paper, but the nature of the ceramic inks resulted in the skin tone appearing too ‘’cold’’. With the collaboration of our ceramic ink suppliers, the industry swapped the magenta for red inks, we have been reproducing your portraits this way since then. This solution solved the problem of skin tone but created other issues, notably the loss of colors that need magenta (fuchsia, cobalt blue, purple). These bolder colors are outside of the gamut that red can achieve.

PSM’s new innovation in color reproduction allows us to add magenta back in, while continuing to use red. The woman in the fuchsia shirt will maintain a healthy skin-tone, and the vivid color of her shirt will not be sacrificed. 

Count on PSM to keep researching and raising the bar of quality!

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